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State of the art User Interfaces

Model View Controller Architecture. State of the art UI best practices and technologies. Write Once, Run Everywhere! Desktop, iPads, Smart Phones. Native, or Hybrid Apps.

Secure Expert Integration with Your Systems

We have extensive back end integration experience. Our designs go beyond the UI. To create the best experience for your clients the UI must perform at levels only achievable with the correct back end integration. Including but not limited to IBM WebSphere, Oracle SOA Suite, Microsoft BizTalk, SAP XI/PI/PO, MuleSoft, WSO2, IBM CICS.

We minimize the gap between information and its audience

Your UI ... Your Data. We have extensive exprience in securely bringing the critical information to your clients UI exprience. Information at your clients fingertips maintaing high levels of security and data integrity through business transactions. Offline Operation. Your UI works even the back end systems are offline. We provide the synchonization between UI and back end systems.

Our Clients